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A Drabble

Because I told Bakura I wrote it and now I have to share it!

Only a drabble, but going ... somewhere...honest!

warnings; only that it's short!

Johnny watched Robert tack his horse, Ariel, with fascination. It was an enormous animal up close, but Robert had absolutely no fear of it - he had been riding horses since the time he'd started to walk and had been breaking them in from his youth. He dressed Ariel for his rider, with a heavy leather saddle and bridle - Johnny felt mildly...excited? nervous?... as he watched. Robert took the bridle, walked Ariel towards Johnny and put the reins in his hand.

"You know how to mount?" he smiled at Johnny.

Johnny took the bridle and gave Robert a Look. He knew better than to get fiesty around horses as it made them skittish, but he couldn't keep a note of haughty irritation out of his voice.

"Of course"

Robert stopped gently teasing him and left him to it. Ariel was tall and Johnny's mount was a little graceless, but he didn't deny that it felt great to sit up on the animal's back, with it patiently waiting for his command, with little shakes of it's mane, little flicks of it's tail.

Robert mounted his own horse Oberon, a great black stallion with a long mane, with muscular grace. Johnny watched carefully, admiring Robert with the safety a bit of distance provided. Yup, riding boots and ass displaying jodpurs definitely suited him. Robert trotted Oberon forward and came up level with Johnny.

"Shall we?", Robert gracefully indicated the direction of the gates.

Johnny nodded happily.

And now I just have to type up where I took it...*^^*

Lazy copytyper that I am! :PPP
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