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Beyblade EuroTeams Fan Community

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Beyblade EuroTeams Fan Community!
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Welcome, welcome. This is a little community set up for the devoted fans of Europe's Beyblading Teams

Who are the European Teams?

Well, The Majestics, of course! But also Barthez Battalion/Baltez Soldiers, F Dynasty/FSangre, and even the Dark Bladers! *^^* Technically, I'll also accept that NeoBorg/Demolition(Blitzkreig) Boys have a rightful claim to be here; most of Russia is actually in Europe!

It's a small remit, but hopefully, by having a community that's a bit more specialised, people will know where to find devoted stuff. *^^*

So, what can you do here if you come along and join us? Well, anything really! Icons and wallpaper, fanart and fanfic, discussion, useful links to (credited!) sites that need to be shared, anime and manga discussion, general drooling and squealing. ^^

Yaoi and Yuri friendly of course, and wouldn't it be boring if it wasn't. ^^

Are there any rules? Well, there are only three in stone.

One is that your post's focus must be the above teams. No BBA (Bladebreakers), no White Tigers, no PPB All Stars ... unless they're interacting with a Euroteam member in your fanstuff of course (can't ignore mixing to that extent!) Why none of them? Cos there are PLENTY of other places for the fandoms of those major and well supported teams already! *^^*

Two, if you are hateful, if you flame, if your post isn't positive (if you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say anything at all!) then even if you are a rabid fan, we have to say bye bye.

Three concerns presentation of your material. Use LJ cuts!!! It tells you how to do it in LJ's own FAQ. LJ Cut is your friend, and the friend of everybody else's Friends page. Everytime LJCut is used an angel gets it's wings. ^^

Also, please label your material accordingly. A description of what's within helps people to make a choice about whether they want to see it, or just whether they can look at it safely where they are.

naked Johnny at home = very good!
naked Johnny at school/work = getting suspended/fired!

And finally please only post your own work; if you want us to see other people's that you can't stop drooling over, please link it rather than post it and fully credit it if you can; I know this is hard if all of the text on your favoured site is in a foreign language, but we have to support the protection of fanarts and make our biggest effort to do so! *^^*

And....that's it!

Enjoy! *^^*