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Enrique/Kane fic

If this is okay, that's cool, if not, delete it, the mod already saw it anyway ^^;

Title: Remember When It Rained
Author: lunarwolf2002
For: Kameko and KP's odd pairings challenge
Pairing: Enrique/Kane
Word Count: 1,563 (I wasn't trying for that much, I just got on a roll! *lol*)
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, or else the Badebreakers wouldn't have been the only team in the Battle Tower; the Majestics would have been there too! The song quoted in the fic is "Otherworld" from Final Fantasy 10.

It was raining in Rome, and Enrique was miserable. He didn't want to tell the other Majestics why he was like this, because he was afraid they'd think he was crazy.
Kane had up and left him two weeks ago. The fight was over Enrique spending too much time with one of his ex-girlfriends, who he was now just friends with. He tried to convince Kane that was all she was, but the blue-haired blader didn't listen. He was on the next plane out of Rome, and Enrique was almost crazy with despair. How could he get the love of his life back? Would Kane even listen to him if he tried to explain...again? Enrique buried his face in his arms and felt tears leak from his eyes.
There was a knock on his door. He sat up and quickly scrubbed the tears away from his eyes. "It's open," he said.
The door opened and in walked Oliver, Johnny and Robert. "Hey guys," the blonde said sullenly, turning back to the window. "Don't you even say 'I told you so,' Johnny, or else I'll wring your neck."
"I was not going to say that," the Scottish blader replied. "Robert and I are worried about you."
"I'm worried too," piped up Oliver. "Enrique, you're my best friend, I hate seeing you like this." The green-haired blader paused for a moment then said, "If you really love Kane, go after him and try to explain what happened."
Enrique sat up and turned to his friends. "But what if he won't listen to me?" he said timidly. "That'd just kill me!"
"All you can do is try," Robert said. "Even if he won't listen to you, at least you'll know you tried." Johnny nodded agreement, while Oliver said, "Please Enrique? At least try?"
Enrique looked away, then said quietly, "When's the next plane out of here?"


"Kane you need to snap out of this funk you're in!" Salima said, Goki and Jim standing behind her. "You've been moping non-stop ever since you got back from Rome and you won't tell us what's up. Now either you tell us, or I'll have to whap it out of you!" The redhead narrowed her eyes and waited for her team captain's answer.
Kane sighed and turned to Salima. "Enrique must have gotten back with one of his exes behind my back. He was spending too much time with her."
"'Must have'? You dumped him over 'must have'?" Salima exploded. "Kane, you're crazier than when you were possessed by Cyber Dragoon!"
"Shut up Salima!" Kane yelled, shooting to his feet. "You don't know what it's like to love somebody like that! You have no idea at all!"
"Who says I don't?" Salima said quietly, tears choking her own voice. Kane looked up at her and nodded. "That's what I thought," he said quietly as he pushed himself up to his feet. "You're still in love with Ray." He plopped back down on the couch and sighed. "What do I do? If I go back now, he'll think I was begging for him to take me back."
Salima sat down next to the blue-haired boy. "Do you want him to take you back?" she asked.
Kane looked down at his hands in his lap and nodded. "Yeah...yeah I do," he said quietly. "I'd do anything to get Enrique back, Salima, you know that, right?"
The redhead nodded and pulled Kane to his feet. "You need to go to bed, it's almost four in the morning and we have training at eight-thirty, remember?"
Kane nodded and obediently crawled into bed....and as soon as Salima left, he cried himself to sleep.


"Oh great," Enrique muttered as the plane landed. "It's raining here too." He grabbed his carry-on bag which held his blade, his launcher and some clothes, then followed the others off the
plane. "I heard Kane was staying at Salima's apartment," he said. "I got her address from Jim." He held out a small notebook that he put all his addresses in.
Robert took the notebook and flipped through until he found the page with Salima's address on it. "Let's go," he said.

When the car pulled up to the apartment building, Enrique suddenly got nervous. "I can't do this," he said. "I can't..."
"You promised you'd try," Robert said. "Now get out of the car and get up there."
Enrique meekly did as he was told. As he approached the building the front door opened and Jim poked his head out. "Um..hey," he said. "I'm not sure if Kane wants to see you right now,
Filled with a renewed determination, Enrique said, "I don't care, I've got to see him now. I didn't fly all the way out here just to hear that."
Jim blinked and smiled. "Thought you'd say that," he said, opening the door a little further and pulling the Italian in. "I wasn't going to let you in if you didn't say something like that."
"If you didn't let me in, Johnny would have taken your head off, you know that, right?" Enrique said with a half-hearted grin.
"Yeah, I know all about his temper, I did some research on you guys during the World Championships a couple of years ago."
Enrique nodded. "...When the Bladebreakers totally destroyed us."
Jim shook his head ruefully. "Don't worry, they did that to us in the Battle Tower...well, except for me and Max...I don't know if you heard about that, unless Kane told you all about it."
"I heard about that," Enrique said as they climbed the stairs to Salima's third floor apartment. "But you were the one who beat Max..you got Draciel, from what I heard."
Jim nodded. "Then the Saint Shields got it back when it was all over, but they wanted it for themselves." He looked up and saw that they were in front of Salima's apartment. "Here we are.
Good luck, Enrique."
"Thanks," the other blonde said as he tentatively knocked on the door.

Salima was the one who heard the knock on the door. Leaving Kane sleeping on her bed, she went to the door. When she saw who it was, she blinked. "Hey," she said. "Um...he's asleep right now...do you want me to wake him up?"
"No thanks," Enrique said, losing his nerve yet again. "I'll just sit here and wait."
Salima nodded and sat down beside him. "Want something to drink?" she asked. "I have three twelve-packs of soda in the fridge."
Enrique shook his head. "I'm too nervous to try to drink anything right now," he said softly. "What if he doesn't want me back?"
Salima smiled a bit. "Want to know something?" she said. "He does want you back, but he's afraid you don't want him back."
Enrique blinked up at her. "Really?" When she nodded, he just sighed and looked at his hands in his lap. "I'll still wait till he wakes up."

Kane awoke and looked at the clock. 5:15 a.m. He'd only been asleep for an hour and a half. He sighed and rolled over on his back, and slapped the play button on Salima's CD player.

*...Go now, if you want it
An otherworld awaits you...*

{Blah,} Kane thought. {She would have that Final Fantasy 10 CD that Goki made for her in there.} He sighed and continued thinking. {That's cool though. I like this song too.}

Salima blinked as the music started from her room. "I think he's awake, Enrique." She turned to the blonde and said, "Go on and talk to him." When he gave her a look of pure fear, she said, "You can do it...I believe in you, okay?"
Enrique nodded and stood up and went to the bedroom door and knocked just loud enough for Kane to hear it over the music.

Kane heard the knock and turned off the CD player. "Yeah?" he called.
The door creaked open a little bit and Enrique peeked in. "Kane? Can I come in?"
Kane shot up and blinked. "Uh..yeah sure..." he said. "I mean..if you want to."
"I want to," Enrique said as he pushed the door open and entered. Closing the door with a soft click, he looked at the blue-haired boy who had stolen his heart a year and a half before. He slowly crossed the room and sat in Salima's pink vinyl beanbag chair. "It was raining the day you left Rome, remember?" he said softly.
"Yeah," Kane said distantly. "And every time it's rained since then--"
"I've thought of you," both boys said in unison, then froze, looking at each other.
"You were?" Kane said, blinking. When Enrique nodded, he crawled out of bed and knelt down next to the beanbag chair. "C..can you forgive me for being such a jerk?" he asked softly.
"You don't need to ask," Enrique said, pulling the other boy into his arms. "I forgave you the day you left."
Kane smiled and snuggled up to the blonde Italian, closing his eyes. "See you when you wake up," he said.
"Yeah..you too."

And if you want to see the lyrics to the song that inspired it:

Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you.
No more love and no more pride
And thoughts are all I have to do.

Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained.
Felt the ground and looked up high
And called your name.
Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained.
In the darkness I remain.

Tears of hope run down my skin.
Tears for you that will not dry.
They magnify the one within
And let the outside slowly die.

Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained.
I felt the ground and looked up high
And called your name.
Ohhhhhh Remember when it rained.
In the water I remain
Running down
Running down
Running down
Running down
Running down
Running down
Running down

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